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I enjoy capturing scents which combine experiences familiar to the users and the beauty of the nature.

I find peace in designing these perfumes for small and sustainable production using minimally processed materials

and the serenity of the alchemical magic. This sense of peace enters into my fragrances and, with my focused

intention, drags you into new discoveries within you.

They also remind you that living is a constantly developing and responsive creative action allowing you to withdraw

to the nature, to be grounded, and to live the moment vividly.

When the beauty of the nature revives your understanding of astonishment and appreciation, your soul adapts

and captures the harmony. 

My perfumes are an escape for the soul to connect with nature, or a ritual to relax your body, or to calm you down, or to energize you, or to inspire you.

Perfume, The symbolic depiction of pleasure,

While mainstream culture presents perfumes as a cosmetic to hide other scents or make us more attractive,

Fum Perfume Lab aims to create a careful sensory ritual that connects you to the nature with true essences.

As I believe that perfume is sexless, it should complete rather than hide our own scent.

I also believe properly designed fragrances can move the user to another time and place.

I design perfumes that create memories which inspire the user to natural landscapes, objects and atmospheres

Which are in the depths of their subconscious, thus creating an experience beyond sensory and

aesthetic dimensions and take them to special journeys.

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